Visitor Licensing information for Malta - 9H

Postal address:

Valletta Waterfront,
Pinto Wharf,

Tel: +356 21 336 840   Fax: +356 21 336 846

Paperwork needed:

  • Application (Download)
  • a photocopy of your current ham license

The best way to get a license:

The prospective visiting radio ham should apply to MCA.

Price: Free

The license is valid for three months
Available calls: 9H3* or 9H3**

How long before you can operate?

Immediate (once formalities are finalized)

License restrictions:

The same as for local amateurs


If the proper application is made to MCA via mail/fax in advance, this will allow reasonable time for MCA to inform the Customs Authorities of applicant's arrival and equipment being brought along. On arrival, once applicant's name and other detail are already known and approved, Custom's final clearance will be greatly facilitated thereby saving precious time!

Places to operate from:

(a) If staying in a Hotel, it is advisable to check whether management will have any objections to such operation and erection of antennas.
(b) If staying in a furnished flat/self catering apartment, it is unusual to meet any difficulties in connection with operation.

Once you get settled :

Email us; we will be glad to meet you and offer you our club facilities including QSL Bureau.