Becoming a radio amateur in Malta

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Amateur Radio is a rewarding and educational hobby. It allows you to experiment with radio communication equipment and to communicate with other amateurs around the world. Radio amateurs are often at the forefront of radio technology and are able to use their personal computers to combine computer and radio technology.Besids giving you the opportunity to educate yourself in this field, this hobby enables you to make lasting friendships both locally and abroad.

Radio Amateur Exam Course available from MARL. Click Here

How can I obtain an amateur radio licence?  

Under international radio regulations, licencees must ensure that they do not cause interference to other radio services. It is therefore necessary to ensure that a prospetive amateur has an adequate knowledge of radio electrical theory, and is able to operate in a responsable manner.

There are two types of amateur radio licences:  

Licence A (All amateur frequencies - all modes) Callsign will be 9H1**


Licence B (All amateur frequencies - no morsecode) Callsign will be 9H5**

To obtain an amateur radio licence you must:  
Be over 14 years of age  
Have passed the the Radio Amateurs Examination  
Have passed the Morse Test (This is only required for Amateur Radio Licence type A)  
Is there a licence fee?  
  Yes. The annual fee for each type of licence is currently €13.90. Your licence must be renewed annually and the fee paid on or before the expiry date.  
How can I acquire the necessary qualifications to apply for a license?  
  Courses leading to the Radio Examination and / or Morse Test are offered by our Club, The Malta Amateur Radio League. (click here for more info).  
When are the examinations held?  
  At present, you may sit for the written examination and Morse Test conducted by the Malta Amateur Radio League. This examination is normally held twice a year: in June and December.  
Can special arrangements be made for disable candidates?  
  Yes. Each case will be treated on its own merits and special arrangements made accorgindly. Subject to recieving a satisfactory medical certificate, the examination may be held orally.  
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