MARL - 9H QSL Bureau


QSL sorting is managed by Neil Schembri - 9H2AR

QSL Card Manager is Paul Spiteri 9H1SP

Operation of the MARL QSL Bureau System would not be possible without the commitment and hard work of the QSL Bureau volunteers.  MARL, and all those who benefit, salute these dedicated amateurs and extend sincere appreciation for the long hours they devote to this difficult task.

Member societies of the International Radio Union (IARU) operate a world wide system of QSL Bureaus. MARL operates a National Incoming and Outgoing Bureau, for the Maltese Islands including the Gozo Amateur Radio Society.

Here are the current rules for using the QSL BUREAU.

OUTGOING CARDS: All outgoing cards must have a MARL sticker attached. Currently the cost of these stamps is €0.10 for all destinations. Stamps are sold by the QSL Bureau manager (or a committee member), during club opening hours. Users are responsible for placing their stamped cards into the correct pigeon hole for delivery to any approved IARU bureau.


INCOMING CARDS: Each user of the bureau has a pigeon hole allocated for his incoming cards. Users are responsible for collecting the cards addressed to them from their own pigeon hole.


Membership status: Should a non-member of M.A.R.L. wish to use the services of the QSL bureau, he must contact the M.A.R.L. committee, and will be required to pay the equivalent of the membership fee. If a member resigns (or is deemed to have resigned) from M.A.R.L., any cards received for him will be considered as undeliverable, from the date of his resignation.


Undeliverable cards: Undeliverable cards are archived by the bureau for a reasonable length of time. Against a charge equivalent to the membership fee, bureau users may request access to the repository of previously undeliverable cards, to search for any cards that may be for them.

Request / Order QSL Stamps

9H QSL Bureau Manager Neil Schembri - 9H2AR