MARL Christmas Gathering & AGM


Dear Members,

On behalf of the committee, we would like to wish you and your family best wishes for the festive seasons and a prosperous new year. We would like to invite you for this year's get-together on Sunday 17th December at 9:30 am at the club premises.


The AGM will be held on the 4th February at 9:30 am.

If there is no quorum till 9:45, the AGM will be held with the present members.


We would like to remind you that seconded submissions for the committee election should reach the secretary by no later than ten days before the AGM. As per statute 6.6.5, a candidate may submit his candidature for more than one post. Each submission must be seconded. Votes will be casted with a preferential number, with the number 1 being the first preference. Kindly refer to statute 6.6.5 for full details.


The AGM agenda:

•  Reading, discussion of minutes

•  Reading, discussion of administrative report

•  Reading, discussion of financial report

•  Election of committee

•  Other matters


All nominations and proposed amendments will be online on


Renewals of €45 can also be effected via: IBAN MT93VALL22013000000010202236015 or by Cheque payable to MARL. Renewals may also be affected by Revolut. Instructions may be found on


We urge you to continue supporting the club in all other activities.


Click here if this email is sufficient and there is no need to send by mail


Ivan 9H1PI.

M.A.R.L. Hon. Secretary.